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What is Kiz-Salsa?

Kizomba was born in Angola in the 1980’s and follows the influence of traditional Semba music from Angola as well. It has influences of Zouk music, originating from the Kassav people of the French Caribbean. Most often Kizomba songs are sings in Portuguese and Kimbundu ( Tribes of Buntu in Angola).

Kizomba combines modern music with sensual flavors of African rhythm similar to Semba music. Unlike the Semba, Kizomba is characterized by slower tempos and a romantic rhythm ideal for couples.

Music, like, Zouk from the French Caribbean, Kompa from Haiti, Cabo love, from Cape Verde can be classified a KIZOMBAS. It can be difficult to differentiate music at first. But with interest, you can feel the similarity and difference in the flow of the music.

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“It seems so Simple.”
“I laugh, not just at the reactions, but at how I can relate to them because, before I started learning kizomba myself, I’m sure some of those thoughts ran through my head as well.  But it didn’t take long for me to realize that there is so much more to the dance than what it appears to be from the outside.   In fact, all of those perceptions above disintegrate when the magic of the true kizomba takes a hold of you.” -Eddy Vents  

Who Organizes Kiz-Salsa?

I am Sambou Tijan, a part-time dance instructor, hardcore self-challenger, Computer lover and video editor.

Currently, I am a dance instructor at Charlotte, North Carolina as a specialist in the Kizomba dance; there I serve as a dance teacher to share the joy of social dancing to many people. However, my dance journey dates back to 2011 when I took several classes and attended workshops on several dances including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Kizomba.

I love happy people and great vibes, so my aim is to create the ideal atmosphere for those; hence I decided to specialize in organizing dance events and teaching dance classes.

I love dancing, but when I am not on a dance floor, you could find me editing videos, providing support to computers and enjoying hardcore self-challenges. My most recent self-challenge is the “7 Days water fast”. While my favorite one is the “Georgia Tough Mudder 2012”, which I nailed.

I enjoy being proactive and being on the edge because that is where you can see both sides.