Welcome to Kiz-Salsa!

22 Apr Welcome to Kiz-Salsa!

event3Hello Kiz-Salsa family, Please, Help us welcome to our beautiful city, Charlotte, NC, Kiz-Salsa Nights, the sensual touch mixed with African rhythm from Angola and Cape Verde. It is not just a club dance; it is a lifestyle. Kiz-Salsa dance is a fun, intelligent and fantastic way to spice up our groove.

Kiz-Salsa Nights triggers romantic, sexy auras, with varieties of dance steps which guarantee an experience a nice work out. In addition to the extra calories you will lose. Kiz-Salsa impulses the desire of all participants to get close and personal with each other. To allow the magnificent sounds of the music to float through your bodies while moviDSCN3709ng to the beat, and expressing your sensual body movements.

If you are looking to spark up the fire and the passion that is locked inside of you, then Kiz-Salsa Night is your solution. Don’t delay, put on your dancing attire and join us to the dance floor. Dance to experience the culture.

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