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 Kizomba interactive Class

Kizomba is a romantic social dance from Angola, Africa. In these classes, the students will learn to dance the basic steps of Kizomba . Absolute beginners are welcome! No partner necessary, but we encourage to bring your partner if possible.

For GROUPON offers 

  • If you have a GROUPON  VOUCHER  (ONE DANCE CLASS) and You are firs-timer please note, Your classes are held on different dates. Make sure you select the available date on Eventbrite link below.  This Class will be an Introductory to Kizomba basic. No experience needed.  RESERVATION Needed, PLEASE  RSVP HERE ON EVENTBRITE FOR FREE.  AND BRING your Groupon with you on class date.
  • Time: Mulitple Dates:  Select Date and Time on Eventbrite
  • Location: Suuz Moves 3401 Saint Vardell Lane, Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28217,  Note: Directions: Please use WAZE GPS for accurate location, Not Google Map GPS.  OR When you reach Saint Vardell Lane, take the slight right, then first left, 2nd building on the right. You’ll see Suuz Eye Candy logo above our sweet Suite E
  • NOTE: This is a Group class, you will be learning with other participants. If you need an Inclusive experience for you, your partner or your group, please send us an email or text us to schedule for the private class at your own convenience.
  • Weekly UrbanKiz Classes- Please read below

  • Come learn the fundamentals of Urban Kiz in this 4-week progressive session! This is designed for anyone interested in Urban Kiz, regardless of dance experience. Know a little Kizomba? This will give you a solid Urban Kiz foundation to build on. No Partner needed

    This session will introduce you to:
    Basic Urban Kiz patterns/variations, weight transfers, follow/lead connections, syncopated movements as well as musicality.

    Wednesdays –

    8-9pm – Class

    9-10pm – Open practice

  • Entry: $10 Cash or venmo 
  • Location: The Project Space
  • 514 E 15th St Suite 10B, Charlotte, NC 28206


Dance Night

Join our practice session and mini dance social on Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk-Organized By BKZ.
Once a Month on certain Thursdays
NOTE This is not a Groupon Class base, but you are still welcome to socialize, just read the details on the link to facebook.
Here you interact and socialize with people of different cultures through Kizomba music of Angola/ Cape Verde, Salsa music of Latin America’s,  and Zouk music of Guadeloupe, French Caribbean.
Date Varies. Check us on Facebook. For upcoming events

Private kizomba dance Class for single or couple or groups

Learn to dance Kizomba in one hour. Private lessons are a great way to improve your dance skills. In this Private class, you will have a personalized lesson base on your level of Kizomba dance. If you are new to kizomba dance, our instructors will design a lesson base on your level. You have two studio options to choose from.

What to wear for our Social Dancing

Ladies clothing:  There is no one size fit all here; however dress nice and simple.  Semi-formal dress is common in social dancing.

A nice stretch – flexible pant and a classy top will do it. You may also wear a tight-fitting shirt with sleeves. Avoid wearing a jacket and sweater while dancing; this can cause too much sweating. Only wear that jacket and sweaters when it is cold too and from the studio.

Avoid tight mini-skirts, A-line skirts, or anything that may restrict the movement of the legs and thighs freely.  If you planned to attend one of the social dancing events in the summertime, that is usually 3-4 hours long dancing event.  It will be smart to bring an extra shirt just in case you sweat more.

Don’t forget to smell pleasant!

Ladies Shoe:  Typically if you are serious about enhancing your dance skills, it a smart investment to buy a Latin dance shoe.  But if you are here for just a one-time class.

Wear 2-3 inch heel shoes, with Flare shaped heels, preferably with a suede sole, these are just recommendation but not requires for onetime class.

Men’s Clothing:  Business casual or Simi business causal will be pleasing. Or you may even mix up with a business outfit and casual outfit.  For example, you may wear a business long or short sleeve T-shirt with a casual pant.  If you planned to attend one of the social dancing events in the summertime, that is usually 3-4 hours long dancing event.  It will be smart to bring an extra shirt just in case you sweat more.

 Men’s Shoe:  We always recommend investing in a Latin dance shoe. However, if this is only for the short-term thing, you may wear a shoe that is a.

Oxford style shoe,  1-1.5inch heel,  A suede soles will be a plus.

Avoid wearing rubber sneaker soles; it is not a good fit for social dancing. It can stick to the floor and may cause knee injuries, due to the hard turn’s impact. If you have to wear rubber sneakers make so they have ’stick on suede soles’ attaché at the bottom of the shoes. You may buy those pads online or at your local shoe repair shop.

More details on What to wear, and Social Dancing / different kinds of dances. Buy My Book on Amazon